SEO Hyperlinks – A New Solution to Get SEO Hyperlinks

Fine, all of us know the main methods for getting SEO links through directories, posts, websites an such like but this is a new way that might add some value. รับทำ SEO I am perhaps not declaring that that is any such thing greater than a small, market activity but it might help your SEO efforts a little.

What I am speaking about is using Google Laptop to function point text links back once again to your website.

I made my own personal Google Laptop and printed it. In the notebook I put point text links back once again to important pages within my website.

To get my notebook found by the research motors I came across half dozen’do follow’websites and pasted my Google Laptop into the URL area

My guess is that this will perhaps not help you significantly with Google but I am fairly comfortable it will work for Google! and MSN.

When making your Google notebook, you can include a user’s profile. In the page you can talk about your self and upload photos. But the great thing is that you may also put as many links to your page as you need and the links is going to be’do follow ‘.

When you get to my notebook site take a look at my page to see what I mean.

Therefore, here’s a chance to add some extra’Do Follow’links and transfer your web site larger in the rankings.

If you’re wondering what an point text url is, that is an example for you. As opposed to put’press here’when tempting individuals to my web site I utilize the actual phrases which have a SEO price in the research engines. Thus a great one for me is SEO organization Leeds wherever my company is based.


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